Fashion week kicks off tomorrow in the city that never sleeps, so as we embrace the calm before the storm, the overpacked suitcases and ready-to-use battery packs, we’ve created a helpful checklist to ensure you’ve got everything ready.

From sleepless nights, to solving puffy eyes, we’ve listed our top tips to ensure you can instantly impress your next casting director, look fabulous and still create captivating content that engages your audience throughout you’re behind the scenes moments.

So, continue reading to find out our steps for preparing for fashion week.

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Above anything, your health is the most important thing to stay on top of during this busy period.

So to ensure you have naturally energised for the season and the multitude of castings ahead, we recommend the following tips

1. Invest in a sustainable water-bottle

In a pinch, disposable water bottles can be very convenient. Did you know that one year’s worth of normal water bottles uses up a whopping 17 million barrels of oil? So by switching to a reusable bottle, you are helping the environment and your health as they give you a great reason to always stay hydrated. For example, Chillies provide stylish options which allow you to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours, ensuring you are hydrated throughout the day.

2. Healthy snacks are the key to energy and are a great rescue during long queues and hectic schedules. We are loving the new bite-size snack bags by Squirrel Sisters – not only are they delicious, healthy and gluten-free, but they are also an award-winning recipe filled with dates, currants and cacao butter- the perfect combination to ensure you are fully fulled for the season ahead.

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A trip to the Styling Salon, Grooming Barbers, Nail Salon & Makeup Appointments is a priority for your appearance. However, in reality, everyone is on the move and need quick realistic ways for looking after your natural beauty daily.

Consequently, it’s no surprise that tired eyes are a constant feature recognised across the fashion capitals, with everyone from models to designers experiencing that panda eyes are not a new season trend.

So, to help you solve this inevitable problem, we’ve looked into a natural, home solution which you can do in the mornings or evenings, based on your schedule and save money.

1. Sliced Cucumbers – these aren’t just something you see in-stock images for spa advertising, they are indeed a great natural way to help calm and revitalise your eyes. They even help solve irritation, reduce inflammation and swelling thanks to their cooling benefits. Additionally, we recommend cutting the rest of the vegetable into slices for your water, a great way to add extra taste and ensure you don’t waste this multi-functional green goodness.

2. Jade Rollers – this natural stone has been perfectly crafted for the face and help decrease puffiness and under-eye circles, and even minimise the look of fine lines. As Maria Tallarico at The Strategist wrote, jade rollers have been used by empresses and members of high society in China since the 17th century, but have recently experienced a boost in popularity thanks to their Instagram friendly look. We also recommend keeping your roller in the fridge, this helps keep it cool and ensures you instantly receive a hydrating facial to help depress that puffiness.

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Fashion week is a hectic period for anyone, agents, designers, models and so to help keep everything and everyone in check, that’s why we’ve selected the top apps which can help you easily stay ahead of the game.

1. City Mapper
You may have already heard about this revolutionary travel app, but did you know that you can schedule your trips in advance? It’s a great way to ensure you can instantly plan every journey, work out the easiest routes and find the best way to outrun that fashion week traffic. The app is also available across the key fashion week capitals: NYC, Paris, London and Milan so it’s one solution that solves all – plus it’s free!

2. Vogue Collections
Struggling to stay updated with the latest collections and want to ensure you know everything about the SS2020 looks? Look no further than the Vogue Collections app, which instantly informs you of everything from the ready-to-wear, haute couture and bridal collections from every capital. They give you the ultimate access to the picture library of the runway shows backstage moments and from-row faces, so you can be connected whenever you go. We also recommend you check out the archive collections of the designers you attend castings for, you never know if they want your thoughts on their previous lines and you can instantly impress them with you easily found knowledge.

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