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Technology has become a huge part of our lives, as we constantly engage with our computers, phones, tablets, and TV amongst other media formats, you may not realise just how much time you spend looking at your screens!

In fact, research has found that people spend approximately 277 minutes just on their phones alone, every day. This amount of time is easily done since we use our phones for checking emails, messaging friends, uploading content and so much more…

However using your phone, amongst other devices so frequently, is damaging to both our mental and physical health, that’s why you need to reduce your screen time and whilst it may not be easy at first, the benefits from it will be worth it in the long run.

Continue reading and find out how to manage your screen time more effectively and perhaps add this to your new year bucket list…

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Are you listening to music while reading? What are some songs that remind you of specific books? 📚 When I discovered my love for books I also discovered music, and so the 2 of them intertwined. Songs I was listening to when reading a book would remind me of that book later down the line. I couldn't read something without listening to something and usually I would pick 1 song on purpose, song that I would listen to for the entire time I was reading that book. Now I'm the complete opposite and I want complete silence when I read – or at least some sort of background noise I can't focus on, but not music in my headphones. I used to listen to rap music when I was reading The Wardstone Chronicles :)) I could never do that now. Forsaken by Within Temptation reminds me of A Song of Ice and Fire. Heaven & Earth from Two Steps From Hell reminds me of The Dark Tower. Brother In Arms from the Mad Max soundtrack reminds me of Mistborn. Rise of the Black Curtain from Audiomachine reminds me of Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. Killers With The Cross by Powerwolf reminds of Throne of Glass (about this last one, guys, I swear the lyrics make sense). What are some of yours? 📚 Old pic because the pic I wanted to post today didn't make the cut 😅 📚 #bookstagram #booklove #ilovebooks #bookstagrammer #bookgram #bookcommunity #igread #instabook #instabooks #bookish #bookaholic #bookstagrammer #bookart #creativevisual #creativegram #readingabook #readingnook #bookgeek #booknerd #goodreads #epicreads #bücher #literature #yalovin #booksofinstagram #books📚 #carte #carti #reading

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Did you know that both Apple and Android offer digital wellbeing apps that help monitor the amount of screen time you generate per day?

These are completely free and you can even set daily reminders and restrictions to help control your temptations.

Using an app to track your progress consistently will also help you stay focused on reaching your goal and help you cut down on the devices you use the most.

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✨ today’s October 1st, which means that I have to change my desktop background lol . . . . . . . . . #ipadpro #ipad #goodnotes #goodnotesapp #study #studygram #studying #studymotivation #studyingcommunity #studyinspo #studyblr #studyspo #notes #handwriting #studytips #stationeryaddict #applepencil #collegelife #procreate #bujoinspo #goodnotes5 #notetaking #paperless #digitalnotes

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People often spend time in front of their screens as it provides stimulation, since when you have nothing else to do, it’s easy to take out your phone and start playing a game or switch the TV on when you get home after a long day.

Instead, why not go for a stroll around your local area or go to the gym? Getting fresh air is a great, healthy alternative and any of these suggestions will help you step away from your screens for a few hours a day.

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After almost a week of no exercise it's good to be heading back to the gym tonight (wild Friday nights ✌🏼) if just for a chilled workout. Despite not working out this week, I'm not going to go super hard tonight. It's not just exercise that tired your body – poor sleep, stress and mental fatigue all can tire your body and stress it out. If you're feeling run down, dont go hell for leather in the gym. A good stretching/yoga/mobility session can be far more beneficial than HIIT or a long run ❤ This is something I definitely learned the hard way! 😩 Did you train today? 📸 – my fave @tamsinlouisephotography #fridaymotivation #runningcommunity #ukrunchat #restday

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We are often bombarded with notifications and it can be hard to ignore texts, emails, and social media apps.

However, if you turn your notifications for a few hours a day you will check your phone less because your no longer being tempted to find out your latest messages or check new updates.

Consequently, because you think you are not getting these notifications you will naturally start to find other things to do during that time.

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I've noticed in the past 24 hours how many annoying and distracting phone notifications I've been getting and it's really been bothering me and taking my attention away from important things. ▫️ . The first thing I did this morning was to turn off notifications on he first one that woke me up. I've since turned off everyone other than my messaging apps. Even email as I really don't carrot be notified every time I have CPA or bank statement or whatever. Hopefully this will limit distractions in my day so I can focus on more important things. ▫️ . I have an S8 and on my I just held down the notification admit gives you and option to turn off that notification. You can do them as they come in or all at once. I just got them all done at once 😊 . How much of a distraction are your notifications? Do you find yourself constantly looking at your phone only to realise it was just some silly app update? Take a minute to turn turn off and you'll be glad you did 😊

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Dinner and your favourite tv show sounds like the best evening plan right?  however, eating in front of the TV can do more harm than good.

For example, it lowers your metabolic rate which means your food is being digested slower and fat takes longer to burn. This also links to your body not being able to process how much and what you are eating leading to digestion problems as your body is unable to process the food your eating.

Meal times are a good way to take a break from the technology world, its a nice way to have a talk with your family or even to catch up with some reading. It’s almost like a time for you to destress, so embrace and let your taste buds overwhelm your senses!

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Our definition of the perfect Tuesday evening ✨ #dinnerwithaview #penthouse #fsgeorgevparis

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Reaching goals is always easier when you have support.

For example, having a partner, relative, or friend who also wants to reduce their screen time, will help you stay more motivated and committed to this goal.

Maybe you can consider joining a sports team, reading group or other community focused activity which helps you really connect with your fiends!

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Soooooo much fun at track today with the gorgeous @nuttyfoodiefitness 😍 We filmed the US Military fitness test – subscribe to see how we do! 🤞🏼 . Kinda weird doing a fitness challenge without any training, but a good way to test my baseline level of fitness with no specific training – excited to see what I'd do in peak shape (before a race or fight). 💪🏼 Ps. Dont forget to check out @nuttyfoodiefitness on Insta and YouTube – if only for the crazy ABS GOALS 😍 #USmilitary #fitnesstest #fitnessyoutuber #fitnessmodel #fitnessblogger

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Above all, don’t give up if you are not able to cut off a huge amount of your screen time off all at once, it’s a big part of your daily life and will take some time to get used to.

But if you keep these tips in mind you will eventually find it easier to step away from your devices and spend less time looking at a screen.

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