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Winter is finally here and although it means we’re getting closer to Christmas, we also need to focus on looking after our skin, now more than ever.

That’s because this cold weather often results in drier and more acne-prone skin, not to mention sensitivity increase.

So how can you solve these problems before they become reality? Continue reading to find out more about how to keep your skin hydrated and flawless this season…

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A hydrafacial is suitable for those who suffer from breakouts or those who have lackluster complexion and would like a refresh.

This facial is a top-class exfoliating experience that consists of a high-speed water-jet pen that gently jets thoroughly cleanses your face – unclogging pores and removing any debris that it comes into contact with it.

During this non-invasive process, this treatment will help hydrate your skin at the same time and give you that extra boost, needed especially during winter.

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Book in now for one of our most popular treatments @hydrafacialuk ✨ get your skin glowing

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LED Light Therapy is a very relaxing non-invasive treatment that is mainly used for stimulating collagen and treating mild to moderate acne and also known for minimising fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and sun-damage.

This treatment can be used on any type of skin such as those with sensitive skin providing a stress release and uplifting mood.

4 different colour lights specialise in different treatments, for example, yellow is for fine lines and wrinkles, green is for pigmentation, blue is for acne and red is for inflammation.

Having different light that provides different benefits allows you to choose the one that is best for you

(Colours may vary depending on where you decide to purchase from, so before you part-take in any treatment ask a specialist which treatment is best for you.)

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#lighttherapy was originally developed to fast-track the healing of wounds and post surgery scars. The rejuvenation of #healthyskin also. #greenlight is absorbed into the skin where it has an effective #calming and #painfree approach to treating dilated capillaries, #adultacne, #saggingskin around the eyes, #undereyecircles, #hyperpigmentation and #sunspots. @thefacialbar @nevillesalon our popular @deessepro #led treatments are recommended 2 to 3 times a week for a course of 4 to 6 weeks. Ideal for pre-wedding prep or before a #bigevent, a session only takes 20 minutes. #Nodowntime and it can be done in a #lunchbreak. Great as a stand alone or as a add on to any facial treatment. #beautifulskin #healthyskin #glowingskin #brightening #skincareroutine #skincare #intheknow #skinexpert #beautytips #beautycare #beauty #knowledge

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Although it is nice to get out and get some facial treatments done, home remedies work just as good, so why not try this recipe which uses Ripe papayas that are high in antioxidants that can work as anti-ageing agents and honey act as a humectant that makes you’re skin soft and supple.

All you need is 1 ripe papaya and Honey and apply this mask two times a week to see the results!


1.Mix papaya and honey until it becomes a thick paste

2.Apply this paste onto your face, neck, and areas with dry skin and leave it on for 20 minutes.

3.Wash off with Luke warm water.

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Almonds are rich in bioactive compounds that restore the moisture balance in your skin.

Combining both milk and almond helps reduce the dryness of your skin and make it more supple. All you need is 1-2 tablespoons of almond powder and 2-3 tablespoons of fresh milk.


Mix the almond powder and milk until its a thick paste consistency

Apply it on the areas with dry skin and leave it on for 10 minutes

Wash off with lukewarm water.

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Yoghurt moisturises your skin and prevent trans-epidermal water loss and also increases skin elasticity. Adding honey will hold the moisture and keep your skin supple.


Mix honey and yoghurt in a bowl.

Apply this mixture onto the face or any dry area for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

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Dry skin is no one's fave, and we all know winter adds to the struggle. ❄️🌬 Luckily, we rounded up the best winter moisturizers for every skin type, so you can survive and ~thrive~. 💪 Head the link in bio for our picks. (📸: @chauntevaughn)

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Finding a good moisturising finish after any facial can be tricky as everyone has different types of skin.

However, in the winter you want to lock in the most moisture to avoid any dryness and itchiness.

For example, Glycerin oil is a potent humectant that effectively restores the moisture content of your skin. Petroleum jelly has also been used as a moisturising agent due to its excellent moisture-retaining properties. It prevents the loss of moisture from the skin surface better than most other natural moisturising agents. Last but not least, coconut oil works as an excellent moisturiser and prevents the loss of moisture from the surface of your skin.

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We might love all things skin-care, but there's something about our nighttime routines that's extra sacred. Head to the link in bio to find out what our editors always use before bed. 🌙 (📸: @chauntevaughn ft. @jessieleigh_h)

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