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As the nights get colder we all know it’s much harder to stay motivated, especially when it comes to going to the gym – since cuddling at home next to the fire and watching Netflix movies seems so appealing. 

However, workout videos can still be expensive, notably if you want to work on building strength, developing tone and weight control.

That’s why we’ve curated a workout routine using just one key essential – a Dumbbell – to help you save time, effort and money.

This multi-purpose tool can help transform your workout, and is the perfect solution for staying fit and healthy, whilst in the comfort of your own home. 

Continue reading to find out what methods we recommend to help encourage your exercise efforts this winter…

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Before any workout and the use of any equipment, it’s important to warm up.

That’s why first we recommend you march on the spot for about 2 minutes. (You can continue to do this for a further 3 minutes or switch it up by marching forward and backward if you really want to push yourself.)

After this, do X2 sets of 10 heel digs – try and do them within a minute if you can for maximum effect.

Next, work on doing knee lifts for another minute, before doing 2 sets of shoulder rolls.

Last but not least, do 4 steps of leg stretches to ensure you are ready…

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This tool is a great workout accessory which has multiple advantages such as:

– Build muscle which can be increased over time by using heavier weights.

– Raising your heart rate to help improve your cardiovascular health.

– It even helps you create aerobic workouts that help you burn calories and consequently encourages weight loss.

If you haven’t got any Dumbbell’s laying around the house, don’t worry, they are easy to find and are inexpensive, for example you can get them on Amazon and find the right weights according to your preference.

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Not every workout is going to be Disneyland! I received this very transferable advice when I was teaching and making lesson plans for my kids. The curriculum specialist would always say this to let us know that not every lesson is going to be super fun, hands on, edible, exhilarating, etc. but it’s still important. I think this goes so perfectly for fitness as well. Yes, you should do workouts that you love but also know that you aren’t going to love every workout or every minute of the workouts you do love – AND THAT’S OKAY! It’s actually necessary if you wanna see growth. When @kelvingary has me doing rear foot elevated split squats or has me up my squat weight, I’m far from Disneyland 😭 but I trust the process and know that it’s still very important to my training. So don’t shy away from tough things in your workouts – if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you 😜 . . . #monday #motivation #hardwork #workouts #discipline #trusttheprocess #challengeyourself #challengeandchange #selfimprovement #strongissexy #strongwomen #nycfitness #nyctrainer #strong

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Now you’ve got your workout companion, start with both weights held directly overhead, then simultaneously bend at the hips and knees to lower into a squat, without letting the weights come forwards and keep your back straight.

This workout can also be done using both dumbbells and a full bar, so you can keep using your new favourite workout accessory.

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Hold a dumbbell in each hand, perform a press-up then at the top, row one dumbbell up to your side.

Lower the weight, then row the other dumbbell up to complete one rep!

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Start with a dumbbell in each hand, then take a big step to one side and bend your leading knee, keeping your foot pointing forwards and your knee in line with your toes.

Push off your leading foot to return to the start, then take a big step the other way to repeat the move. You can then increase this power by doing alternate sides with each rep.

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Hold a dumbbell between your feet with your heels raised slightly off the ground.

Keeping your legs straight, raise them until they are vertical, then lower slowly under control without letting your heels touch the floor.

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