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It’s safe to say that Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites known, with over 1 Billion active accounts worldwide.

The platform provides a global tool for users to connect and share their passions through visually immersing content and spark exploration.

Consequently, with so many users, it’s no surprise that the social media giant has segmented the type of accounts you can have, allowing different people and businesses alike to fully optimise their features, bespoke to their needs.

So whether you are a brand, business or talent, you will have an account that’s right for you and this may not be the one you currently using! Continue reading to discover what type of account best suits your profile and how you can switch over today to instantly improve your digital portfolio…

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Thinking about chocolate… hbu?

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What not many people know is just how many different types of accounts are actually on Instagram, because when you initially sign up you automatically get assigned to a personal account.

Standard/personal Instagram accounts are way more simple and private, perfect for users who aren’t frequently taking content but still want to stay connected.

Although the standard account doesn’t offer the same features as a creative or business account, it does offer some benefits: 


Privacy-Anyone is able to have a personal account and make it private, this allows you to have better control who views your profile and engages with your content.

Multiple Facebook Accounts– Any account such as a personal profile will allow you to link your profile across multiple Facebook accounts, this allows you to share your content across multiple channels and easily share your media at the same time.


Low Discoverability– Personal accounts don’t really give you the opportunity to grow your brand awareness, since they don’t think this is a key concern for non-active users.

Instagram Insights– If you do decide to stick with a personal Instagram you will not have access to Instagram Insights and therefore will not be able to gain all the data gained from your published content, which again may better suit those users who want a basic approach for the app.

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Creative accounts are fairly new to Instagram and ideal for anyone who want to create and publish high-quality content and better establish their identity on the platform. 

This type are also known as ‘Creator Accounts’ and was originally tested on a group of people back in 2018. The aim of this conversion is to help you access features that make it easier to control your online presence within Instagram, understand your growth and manage your messages, plus you get to access more features such as:


Contact Information and Category Labels- On Instagram business profiles, you’re assigned a category on your profile based on the category label from the connected Facebook page. However, on a creative account you have the option to choose a new category and decide whether to include it in their Instagram profile.

Growth Insights- Creative accounts offer more insights and information about audience growth and decline, so you can better judge your published content performance.

Secondary Inbox- Creator accounts have both Primary and General tabs, in addition to the Requests tab. The purpose behind the additional tab is to better segment the messages that mean the most to a large brand.


Action Buttons- You don’t have the option to include additional action buttons like; Book Now, Reserve and other options available to business accounts.

It also appears that you have to have at least 10,000 or more followers and have your account linked to Facebook that is set up as a business page.

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one day in italy @amberlyvalentine

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A business account is an easier way for followers to recognize your content as a business rather than an individual by looking at your bio, similar to how you would look for a blue tick to identify a verified account.


Direct Contact-In a business account bio there is a contact button, which allows your followers to reach you, by either email, call or location.

Story Links- Do you have 10k+ followers? This function allows business accounts to direct their following in their bio links in order to drive more traffic in a specific location, whether it is a website or product.

Powerful Insights- Powerful Insights is a way for marketers to know what type of content followers are responding best to. It also allows them to see what audiences are connecting with each influencer and so much more.


Less Visibility- Instagram focuses more on updates from friends and family over businesses, leaving you with less engagement.

Less Organic Reach– Instagram generates a huge amount their revenue from promoted post and stories. When switching to a business profile you indicating to Instagram that you are now a business, which is an Instagram target market for promoted posts. This means that Instagram also reduces growth and engagement for business accounts to increase the likelihood of paid advertising 

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Yesterday was probably the last day of 2019 I could wear shorts in New York. Feels good to be back, just in time for fall 🍁🇺🇸 #ootd #nyc

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Knowing what type of account is best for you can be hard to figure out; that’s why our advice is to for you to take a step back and think about where you would like to see your profile in the future and if you are best utilising all the features you need to highlight your content and track results. Below is a step by step on how you can switch your account today.

1.Go to your profile and tap the upper right corner

2. Tap Settings.

3. Tap Account.

4. Tap Switch to Professional Account.

5. Tap Business.

6. If you would like, you can follow the steps to connect your professional account to a Facebook Page associated with your business. This step is optional, and will make it easier to use all of the features available for businesses. At this Time, only one Facebook Page can be connected to your professional account.

7. Add details, like your business category and contact information.

8. Tap Done.

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GRACIAS VIDA 🧡 This was actually one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Seeing the most beautiful sunrise and the moon at the same time in the sky… I just have no words! GRATEFUL @signatureelement #SignatureElement #PlatinumHeritage #HotAirBalloonDubai

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