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Reports suggest that over $15 billion will be spent on brand content by 2022, which is up from as much as $8 billion compared with 2019. Additionally, during the last decade, over 89% of marketers say Instagram is the most strategically important social media platform and are believed to spend over 6.1M on ads by 2020.

So, as forecasts continue to predict increased budgets, brands must continually evolve their content strategies in order to respond with this rapidly expanding ecosystem and successfully engage with their target audience, throughout the consumer journey.  We believe brands succeed by being part of the conversation, not interrupting it or subverting it and by creating high-quality content that live and breathe in people’s lives, wherever and whatever their doing.

Read on to find out why we believe that 2020 will be the year of talent marketing…

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As the industry becomes more and more popular – both amongst marketers, brands and consumers, everyone is beginning to refine their craft. That’s why our whole ethos values true talent, over and above influence.

Looking forward, we believe that brands will seek to work with outstanding professional talent, from a range of industries. They are credible experts in their fields and craft content that is authentic and goes in front of audiences that genuinely care, because they are themselves, more than just fans.

Ultimately, we believe that we need to move away from the term ‘influencer’ which is damaging the industry. This is because it refers to anyone who has a following on social media and is monetizing it through sponsored posts can (wrongly) be seen as an influencer.

That’s why we think the term should refer primarily to an individual who has professional representation, be it an agency or manager who helps guide their career and image. These individuals benefit from a particular skillset in a creative field which in turn gives them the expertise and authority to talk about a specific topic, thus supplying brands with a credible voice in their space.

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Bucket full of dreams 🌟 @miumiu #miumiuselect

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Luxury skincare and makeup brand La Mer have always taken inspiration from the ocean and its natural resources, since these hydrating qualities give their famed Crème de La Mer moisturiser it’s youth-restoring powers.

In order to echo this brand message, La Mer have worked with agency-signed professionals such as such as makeup-artists, dermatology experts and models who are naturally educated within this market and have real credibility.

During one project, they commissioned an ocean specialist to talk with advocates and educate them on what’s actually happening in the world’s oceans, and how fascinatingly positive some of these algae can be. The next stage involved taking talent to the south of England where a plastic waste beach clean was organised. Each advocate was given a bag to fill with as much waste as they could within two hours, to help bring to life the immensity of the problem.

We believe that more brands will seek to craft talent-first content strategies such as this, that spark engaging conversations, drive positive brand perspective and deliver real results.

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So excited that I can add @LaMer Cool Gel Cream to my growing collection of La Mer products. Definitely bringing this with me on my next travels ✈️🌏 #travelbeauty #ad

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Influencer marketing has certainly been very disruptive to the industry, especially in recent years and is proven by budget increase. However, unfortunately it has not been immune to the same mistakes traditional media has made regarding diversity and representation.

We are still predominantly seeing beautiful, white, straight, able and privileged people staring out of our screens at us and promoting brands. But the tides are turning, and we hope that more brands will move decisively towards including a more diverse range of talent in the forthcoming months.

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Le court ou la rue ? 🐊 @lacoste #lacostecourtslam #ad Thanks to @lebreso 📷

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Boots have long been held in high esteem by both marketing professionals and the public for their hugely diverse adverts and outreach methods.

For example, last year we saw an advert that included Em Ford – who runs a YouTube channel called My Pale Skin where she openly shows her acne and blemishes in order to encourage viewers to see a variety of skin, which is not just picture-perfect. She uses her voice to promote skin positivity and aims to redefine what is pretty.

This relays with Boots who want to show beauty as its best and make their message of championing everyone’s right to feel good to resonate with as many different people as possible. Other talents included Michelle, a Boots No7 in-store advisor and a dancer and amputee Kat Hawkins in efforts to resonate with their target market at scale.

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Thinking about making my return to YouTube like… 🙊#areyoureadyfortheglowup #mypaleskinblog Top: @zara Earrings: @primark Ring: vintage Nails: @kissproducts Brows: @benefitcosmeticsuk gimmee brow Hair extensions: @easilockshair using @ghdhair tools 📸 by @wandergasm 💡 lighting/styling: @mypaleskinblog

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Talent are able to use their digital portfolios in order to be a part of people’s everyday lives, offering advice, support, education and entertainment.

This interaction between them and their tribe is ultimately achieved because they drive credibility, authenticity and meaningful brand advocacy. 2020 will bring with more connectivity and greater conversation as brands seek to engage with these muses who co-created content which will live at the various touchpoints of the customer journey.

As all media outlets and social media platforms such as Instagram continue to evolve, they develop countless tools and features which talent and marketers alike can use to interact with their engaged community. From emoji reactions, live streaming, polls, hashtags, filters and more, there in an increasing innovation in the way people can join conversations.

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Get ready—it’s happening. The Tiffany Flagship Next Door @ 6 East 57th Street opens on January 13, 2020. Follow @JeffGoldblum’s lead and watch this space for updates and discover more via the link in bio. #Tiffany #TiffanyAndCo #TiffanyMens

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For the first time, JCDecaux has partnered with Talent Village and co-created a campaign of influence, across 230 screens in Paris throughout the Monoprix and monop’ showcases, in order to promote Quay’s new collection of anti-blue light glasses, activated by true talent.

Across the city, ultra HD screens illustrated the high-quality campaign library, which allowed passers-by to discover the Instagram publications of 3 agency-signed talent. The design also showcased the comments and likes achieved by these hyper-engaged professionals whose audience data, interests and personality successfully aligned with the brand’s target market in order to maximise results.

The digitalisation of the Monoprix shop windows made it possible to offer contextualized content but also interactive and social campaigns, which reinforce the experience customer. Consequently, this campaign illustrates how brands can develop their image and notoriety while boosting traffic to their e-commerce platform from the street.

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Did you know that mobile users spend over 11 hours per day interacting with media? These figures are up from 9 hours of screen time from just 4 years ago! That's why we love the new sunglasses range by @quayaustralia which help protect your eyes from the blue light of screens 📺 #QUAYISBACKTOBUSINESS @teresaandresgonzalvo . . . . . . . #parisfrance #jcdecaux #glassesgirl #fashionnova #instastyle #parisianstyle

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