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For those of us in marketing it’s easy to have our heads swimming with facts and figures. That’s because we need these stats to prove the value of our campaigns and the return on investment. Metrics are a tangible way of measuring the success of a campaign and ensure it delivers on spend.

Talent Marketing offers a direct link between performance and sales, so consequently knowing the metrics that matter will help gauge these results, which have been traditionally difficulty to track and measure.

As the industry moves towards a real shift as of late, not least with Instagram announcing they were hiding likes we are seeing a shift in the way brands outline their briefs in order to better define their goals. Today we are seeing brands move away from measuring vanity figures and instead towards quality metrics. For us, the success of brand content comes down to credibility and authenticity of the talent who represent that brand.

Read on to find out more about what metrics matter and why working with the right kind of talent can drive positive brand perception and enrich the customer experience.

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The shift away from vanity driven metrics is going to be a big change for many brands. After all, for many years it’s been assumed that the larger the follower count, the more successful the social account, likewise with the number of comments or likes received.

However, with the misleading rise of fake followers and likes, the industry has become savvier about what really matters; quality content, activated by true talent. Ultimately this is why, in today’s digital age brands succeed by being part of the conversation – not interrupting it or subverting it – and by creating genuinely creative content.

Working with talent is becoming more and more popular because the modern consumer is now craving quality, genuine content created by people immersed in their specialisms. One hit wonder’s pushing unrelated products are seen as vapid, generic and un-relatable. These hollow collaborations are met with sighs and a quickened pace when it comes to scrolling, which are consequently reflected within the results. Working with true talent, on the other hand, is a great way to ensure the content produced resonates with the right people, feels authentic and increases brand advocacy.

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Ultimately, brands need to place value on the metrics that matter in order to receive real results.

That’s why we’ve listed six stats that really help brands best track, monitor and learn from their campaigns…

  • Engagement

An engagement rate is a key indicator of how well your audience is responding to content. If followers are liking, commenting, and sharing your content, your engagement rate will show these actions.

  • Ultra-Vetted Talent

We believe talent is the media of tomorrow and as trusted partners of the world’s leading talent agencies, our team of brand strategists, creative storytellers and media planners are experts and turning talent into powerful media channels. By working with outstanding professional talent, from a range of industries, who are credible experts in their fields, brands are able to rest, understanding that the content they craft goes in front of audiences that genuinely care.

  • Creative Content

Track the difference between the types of content that is being produced and note any upticks when content is co-created. We have found that co-created content alongside talent can increase post approval by up to 85%, showing the value behind storytelling strategies which focus on quality over quantity.

  • CPE

Another measure of campaign success is cost per engagement (CPE). Simply it’s how much you’re paying for every like or comment on a piece of content that features your brand. A lower CPE is what you’re aiming for. CPE can vary depending on your category, which helps brands better understand their value.

  • Interactions

When defining your campaign goals, think about the way in which you want to engage with your consumer. For example, sticker taps and saves are a tremendous way to engage your audience in order to help them learn more about your product. By crafting your own filters, you are optimising the tools available on platforms such as Instagram – whilst reinforcing your brand identity.

  • Swipe Ups

Instagram checkout allows you to buy featured items from a brand, without leaving Instagram. In fact, over 130 Million users tap on shopping posts every month, showing that whilst this is still a relatively new feature, demand and engagement is on the rise. However, we suggest that brands should separate out their metrics for Instagram shoppable posts and stories – so they can clearly identify what type of content works best on each.

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Certainly, when gathering the data, can be easily done with new technology, but what happens next? They key is to use this information intelligently. These figures can help you better understand who your followers are, their behaviours and interests, so you can keep improving. Learning what is successful allows you to continue the good work and make changes to any less successful strategies and better still not make the same mistakes again.

By adopting talent marketing, the issues behind the redundant traditional (quantity focused) metrics are clearly defined especially as this rapidly evolving ecosystem continues to change. That’s why moving forwards, brands need to seek for deeper levels of engagement in order to understand audience satisfaction, gained by genuine creative content crafted by true talent who ultimately become muses to inspire action.

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