Thought Leadership

We recently enjoyed the Influencer Marketing Show (IMS) this year and it was great to see so many interesting industry people in one space.

The show certainly confirmed for us however that there has never been a better time to prioritise talent over and above that of influence…

Ultimately, over the past few years, many marketers have been burnt in their search for effective influencer solutions due to low quality branded content, inauthentic and unengaged influencers and highly commercially driven companies attempting to capitalise on a huge revenue opportunity.

At Talent Village, we think we’re all aware of the vociferous headlines and editorial pieces forecasting the demise of influencer marketing in the press and something has to change. There is now an urgent need to rebuild trust in the industry, and we believe this change starts by working with true talent. And when we talk about ‘true talent’, we are referring primarily to an individual who has professional representation, be it an agency or manager who helps guide their career and image. These individuals benefit from a particular skillset in a creative field, which in turn gives them the expertise and authority to talk about a specific topic, thus supplying brands with a credible voice in their space.

Attending the show this year has cemented our belief that there is an increasing need to professionalise the industry and rebuild best practice, so brands can easily identify a solution that will provide return on investment. This can be achieved by working with true talent who have real influence and enable us to solve growing concerns regarding fake followers, promote diversity and increase advocacy as we continue to focus on building long- term partnerships and deliver authentic and credible results.