As social media continues to become integrated into our daily lives, it’s no surprise that a mobile-first industry such as Influencer Marketing is incredibly buoyant. The industry is also set to swell to over $10 billion within the next five years. However, with over 61% of marketers still struggle to find the right talent, it’s equally no surprise that as the market continues to become crowded with so many voices, it’s harder for brands, talent and agencies alike to keep track of the growing phrases and terms you need to know.

That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive influence directory to help guide your influence education, and hopefully inspire you to spread the word and enlighten others who are struggling to keep up to date in this every-changing space.

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Advocate – Someone who has a genuine affinity for a brand, product or service and actively promotes this partnership with their community.

Activation– An event or occasion for a brand, product or service attended by talent.

Actual Engagement – The actual amount of interaction a published post receives. 

Actual Reach – The actual amount of views a published post receives. 

Agent – A professional who finds jobs for talent represented by an agency and manages their daily schedules.

Affiliation– A partnership by which commissions are earned by talent in return for promoting a brand, product or service.

Ambassador – Someone who represents a brand, product or service and is the face of a campaign for a specified duration.

Amplify– A term used when awareness for a brand, product or service is optimised by engaging content published by talent across multi-channels.

Brand awareness– A term used when referring to the extent to which customers can recall or recognise a brand, product or service.

Brand dashboard– A digital service made available to clients by a platform which enables them to manage their campaign, control content, approve talent shortlists, track results and more.

Branded content -The practice of marketing through the publication of funded media which promotes a brand, product or service.

Brief – Information relating to the applicable campaign(s) which may be communicated through a platform.

Campaign – A marketing promotion or advertising strategy which maybe be commissioned by a client through a platform.

Case study – A previous example of a campaign achieved by a platform, commissioned by a client.

Credibility –The quality of trust a talent or user has based on their authentic integrity.

Call to action– A message designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale from a target audience either on digital or print.

Co-created content– Professionally guided media, tailored for a specific brand or service.

Content calendar – A shareable resource to manage and plan campaign activity.

Click through rate– The ratio of users who click on a certain link to the number of total users who visit a page, post or advertisement.

Conversion– The proportion of people viewing an advertisement who end up purchasing a URL associated with the content.

Disclosure– A visible indicator which states the purpose of collaboration and defines the relationship between a talent, brand or platform.

DM– A term used to describe a direct message sent or received on social media.

Deliverables – Data, content or other results provided by a platform upon campaign completion.

Digital portfolio-A term used to describe a talent’s online profile.

Endorsement– The seal of approval for a brand, product or service is supported by a talent.

Engagement rate– Data displayed as a percentage which includes digital reactions achieved by published content, such as likes, shares and comments. This metric can then be used to calculate talent authenticity based on their average rate, combined with their number of followers.

Facebook Live – A live stream on Facebook which enables users to share content with their followers on the platform.

Followers– The number of users who have chosen to follow someone’s digital portfolio.

Hashtag– A term preceded by the symbol (#) which identifies content on a specific topic or trend.

Impressions– The total number of times content has been seen by a certain number of followers.

Influence – The ability to engage and motivate a community or individual to follow a brand, purchase something or join a movement.

Influence report– Data, content or other results achieved by a campaign which is presented to a client once the deliverables have been completed.

Influencer– A user on social media who aims to inspire and connects with their followers.

Interactions– Data which reflects the actions made by a user such as liking, sharing or commenting on published content.

Instagram feed – A feature on Instagram which lets users share content and connect with others.

Instagram live– A feature on Instagram which lets users share content in real-time.

Instagram stories– A feature on Instagram which users share content in a slideshow format.

Like– An action that can be made by a user active on social media to show approval for content.

Macro influencer-Someone who has an audience within the range of 50,000 to 300,000 followers on social media.

Mechanic – A term used to describe a creative idea activated for a campaign.

Micro influencer–A user on social media who has an audience within the range of 10,000 to 100K followers.

Media kit – A document containing information about a business, product or event.

Media spend –An approved budget for advertising on a brand, product or service.

Nano influencer– A user on social media who has an audience within the range of between 1,000 and 10,000.

Organic– A term used to refer to any results achieved on social media with no paid association.

Paid post– Content that has been paid for by a brand or platform on social media.

Potential Reach – Data which describes a user’s estimated audience who follow their digital portfolio.

Potential Engagement– Data which describes the estimated amount of social involvement gained by content published on someone’s digital portfolio.

Profile Visits – The number of times people clicked to go on your profile on social media.

Promotion – An option on social media sites to pay to have your post seen by a greater, more targeted group of people.

Posts – Content uploaded on to a social media page or blog.

Podcasts – An audio file which allows users to listen and engage with published content.

Reach– A measure of a user’s audience size.

Re-gram– The act of reposting content on Instagram.

Retweet– The act of reposting content on Twitter.

Saves – The act of saving a post to your private bank of images.

Sentiment – A term used to describe a positive, negative or neutral impression of content on a user.

Sticker taps –Data used to describe the number of times a user has engaged with a published graphic shared on Instagram stories.

Swipe ups – Data used to describe the number of times a user has reacted to a link published on Instagram stories, by someone who has 10K+ followers or is a verified profile.

Tags – A feature which allows users to link another digital portfolio.

Talent– An individual who has professional representation, be it an agency or manager who helps guide their career and image.

Talent dashboard – A digital service made available to an agency by a platform which enables them to view all active campaigns, control content submissions, submit talent suggestions, earn revenue and more.

Targets – Data, content or other results requested by a client to outline the deliverables.

Website clicks – A click that the user has then gone through on a website.

Word of mouth – communication between people through verbal conversation, usually referring to how information is found out or recommendations of things.

So, now that you know the lingo, you are good to dive into the fast-paced world of Influencer Marketing! Are there any terms or phrases you think we’ve missed and need to be included in our glossary? Comment below and let us know, especially since it’s safe to say we will be updating this in the near future.

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