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Today, we’re challenging you to walk into any beauty store, and tell me if there is one that doesn’t favor women’s beauty products. Nowadays, with the rise of topics like genderless fashion, this kind of beauty discrimination should no longer exist. Skin problems make no distinction between men and women, so why should the remedies?

How do we define male beauty nowadays?

Until a couple of years ago, men had a hard time understanding a woman who spent a lot of money on cosmetics, hair, and skin care. But today, this time appears to be long gone.

Taking care of oneself is no longer a taboo subject among men, who appreciate feeling good about themselves. Indeed, in a world increasingly focused on physical appearance, mentalities are changing, and men are no longer an exception. Thus, long considered as a niche market, the male beauty industry has now become a trend. We speak of “Grooming”, which means in other words the art of taking care of oneself.

Although today’s society is more accommodating and open-minded, there are still many obstacles to male beauty. These relate simply to the fear of judgment of men who would like to take the plunge. There are still far too many men for whom going into a beauty store and buying products for themselves is impossible, out of fear of the eyes of others. Few men buy beauty products without using the excuse that it is a gift or something else, and this is a shame.

However, thanks to social media and to numerous initiatives taken by brands and talents, more and more men are daring male beauty.

Men VS women, a rather different consumption

On average, men spend 30 minutes in the bathroom while women spend 40 minutes. Despite this tiny difference in time, the practices performed during these routines are very different between a man and a woman. For example, a woman’s routine is composed of many products, which change often, while a man’s routine is generally composed of a few products that rarely change. In fact, men are more loyal than women, in terms of beauty products, because they prefer simplicity, effectiveness and a natural result.

Men who turn to beauty products today need products that are designed for them. Men and women have naturally different skin because, due to their testosterone, men have an oilier skin than women. Thus, it is not a matter of adapting feminine products to men, but rather of offering them adapted and targeted products.

Moreover, unlike women who love to wander around beauty stores, men still don’t feel completely at ease. Thus, the idea is to propose innovative places, in order to reconcile men with male beauty. Take the example of La Garçonnière, which combines beauty and a pleasant place to relax. The store is equipped with a coffee area, as well as a barber area and a table soccer area, which allows men to mix beauty and entertainment.

Beauty brands designed for men

Beauty is now a synonym for masculinity, and many established brands are developing specialized lines. However, the brands that are currently competing in this market are the small brands, mostly present on the Internet.


When we speak about “Grooming”, we must refer to the brand Horace. This start-up was created in 2015 by two friends, Marc Briant-Terlet and Kim Mazzilli, who simply didn’t recognize themselves in advertising campaigns for men’s products. Thus, they decided to create Horace, dedicated entirely to the male gender. Initially, Horace only sold high-end men’s products, but recently, the founders created their own brand of men’s products. This brand features men in everyday life, and not necessarily models with dreamy looks.

World Wide Men

World Wide Men specializes in the online sale of organic beauty products for men. The bet of the brand is to allow men to accept their nature, while respecting the nature, with the following slogan: “To save the nature from the man, it is necessary to first save the man from his nature”.


66°30 is a French organic cosmetics brand dedicated to men. With products such as anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness or anti-wrinkle, the brand provides everything for a complete skincare. Its products are upscale and the founder, Didier Arthaud, justifies this choice by a study conducted a few years ago, revealing that men were ready to spend almost twice as much as women in beauty products.

Boy, Chanel

Finally, we also find leading luxury brands that have understood the growing importance of this market and have been quick to position themselves on it. Let’s take the example of Chanel, which launched, in 2018, a cosmetic line for men. Named “Boy”, this collection includes 3 products: a foundation, a lip balm, as well as an eyebrow pencil. When launching this collection, Chanel stated that the house “accompanies men in their daily lives and provides them with a well-groomed image with extra confidence”.

Male talents, the new voices of the beauty and cosmetics industry

If the world of male beauty is growing, it is mainly due to social media such as Youtube or Instagram. Indeed, the ideal male appearance has evolved over time. This has been particularly the case in the last few years with the rise of the talent marketing sector. In less than a decade, the world of talents has become a global phenomenon and has come to overturn the archaic codes of beauty imposed by our society. Here are some examples of talents that make anyone want to enter this male beauty industry.


Fabian is a French talent and founder of his own cosmetics brand Fabian cosmetics. With nearly 2 million followers on Tik Tok and 740K on Instagram, Fabian is a non-binary makeup artist. He states loud and clear that being a man should not define the look or behavior a person should adopt.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is one of the best players baseball history has ever known. Retired since 2016, he has since become a great American influential figure. Recently, this former American player partnered with the company Hims & Hers, to offer The Blur Stick, a shade corrector exclusively for men. He says that he has been used to wearing similar products for baseball all his life and that he saw an opportunity to reach any man in the world with this product.


Louis is a young French esthetician, who fights every day to lift the taboos around male beauty. On the social media Tik Tok, this young man is followed by more than 600K people. He focuses his content on men’s skin care and wants to make men feel comfortable with their use, which Louis considers to be just as important for a man as it is for a woman.


At Talent Village, we believe that topics such as genderless fashion and the male beauty industry are a perfect illustration of a changing, more open-minded and inclusive world. Therefore, we advise brands to take a close look at men’s beauty because this industry is booming. Finally, the voice of talents is once again really important in this process of transformation, because it is thanks to them and their community that things are finally changing!