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Today we are proud to announce our new Instagram stories feature, which enables clients to approve stories before they are published and gain advanced data insights whilst building long-term relationships with top tier talent.

With over 400 million users on Instagram stories alone, the rapid growth of vertical media has resulted with brands investing more in IG stories, with some saying that as much has 40% of their influencer budget is going directly to Instagram Stories. This trending demand occurs because of the immersive and engaging appeal of stories, which also seem more authentic than in-feed posts because of its journalistic nature.

In response we have created a unique tool of influence, which allows both brands and talent to become fully immersed within both stories and in-feed posts, responding to both the growing trend of stories and the multi-format design of Instagram.

The new feature means clients are able to receive video content from pre-selected influencers which they can also pre-approve whilst receiving valuable data and insights. The Talent meanwhile are now better able to share their brand experiences and are further encouraged to share more frequent content because it won’t clutter their feed.

By creating this new feature, Talent Village unlocks the capabilities of stories for both clients and talent who have previously struggled to manage vertical content, especially due to the 24-hour time limit. Through the management of stories, brands are now also better able to tap into a deeper layer of influence, connect with talent who truly resonate with their identity and are able to now insert this brand relationship into their daily lives.

The control of Instagram stories will also allow brands to gain real time management of stories, providing them with an approval feature that is 100% needed for secure event amplification.

We  believes that this tool will be of key importance to brands who want to establish their voice within the influencer space in 2019 and will be especially beneficial for events, developing a true sense of brand culture.

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