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Talent-led marketing is an approach that’s becoming increasingly demanded by all kinds of brands, no matter their size or industry focus. In just a two years, we have seen the industry grow exponentially from $1.7 billion to a $4.6 billion industry, and it’s set to continue. Alongside this we are seeing that more brands are looking at a holistic view and increased desire to work with true talent who have real influence. This strategy is then optimised across multiple marketing channels and amplified across mobile display, paid social, digital out of home, podcasts and much more.

So, with the industry growing exponentially and at an increasingly fast pace, we believe it’s a good time to consider pursuing a career in the field, as demand only sets to grow. Whether you’ve got experience in marketing already or just simply looking to develop your skills, or if you are a graduate looking to enter the industry, influencer marketing is a great direction to steer your career upwards and develop a mobile-first CV.

But how do you get into this buoyant and rapidly developing industry? Continue reading to find out our top tips…

1.Research the key players – Do you know your Gucci from your Glossier? Your InTheStyle from InTheFrow? Brands are as unique as finger prints and each has their own personal identity which they need to stand out from the rest. Getting to know how brands like to conduct themselves is incredibly useful as a market expert. Also understanding why a brand likes to use slightly more colloquial and youthful language on social media or knowing that one brand always champions sustainability is essential as this identifies your ability to understand strategy. The intricacies of the brands you will work with should ultimately become second nature to as you develop through your career, but the sooner they are ingrained in your mind the better.

2.Keep updated with the upcoming talent– Who is dominating the industry? Who is on the top of every brand’s list to work with? Knowing the industry and understanding the key players is important to be able to map the trends and predict pitfalls of the industry. Take some time to analyse some of the most successful talent out there. For instance, where are their fans located? How successful are their posts? What brands are they working with? Market observation plays a key role in what we do on a daily basis.

3.Dream big and outline your goals– Picture your dream job and what company it is for. Find out who already works in that company and try to network with them. The more people you know, and the more people who know you (and see you in a good light) the more likely you are to find out about those rare roles before everyone else.

4.Believe in yourself– I get hundreds of CVs in and it’s the ones that really jump out to me that I look at carefully. I especially like the ones that show real personality and ideally do something a little different.For instance, if you came to an interview and laid out one of our client campaigns, how you might do something differently or present a new concept I would be seriously impressed. I would love to see someone tackle one of our briefs off their own initiative. Things like this would stand them out and give me reason to consider them.

5.Define your focus – The industry is fast-paced and extremely competitive, so in order to stay ahead of the game you will need to be organised and alert. You will also need to be reactive and know when to move with the tide and when to stay focused on the task in hand. These skills will enable you to overcome any pressures and ensure you are ready for challenges ahead.

6.Always follow your passion– Drive is infectious. I always say we can teach you what you need to know to do your job, but we simply can’t teach drive and passion. This is up to you.

We hope this advice helps, even if it’s just some advance research to help guide you ahead of your search in the field. Ultimately across any industry, it is all going to come down to you being proactive and driven to achieve. Someone who has fire, enthusiasm is always going to be a standout candidate and especially one as fast paced as influencer marketing. Checkout our careers page to view our recent job openings and feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions!

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