The Kooples Case Study

Product Launch


Promote the muse bag collaborations, curated by Stella Maxwell, Irina Shayk and Zayn Malik. The goal for this campaign was to showcase how talent could style each bag to match their own fashion and align with the identity of both the brand and each muse.


We created the first ‘talent tribes’ and organised a dinner with The Kooples so each talent could understand the personality and style of the brand and each muse in an exclusive environment. The talent then created high-quality Instagram posts which revealed how they used each bag in different scenarios, such as in transit, in order to highlight product function and style. Additionally they used swipe up links to drive direct sales for each product.

Key Statistics

  1. 30 Total Content Created
  2. 504.1K Potential Reach
  3. 2M Total Reach
  4. 128,000 Impressions
  5. 8.1% Total Engagement
  6. 77,989 Likes and Comments
  7. 105K Likes
  8. 112,145 Story Interactions
  9. 120,654 Sticker Taps
  10. 3,213 Link Clicks
  11. 6.75K Saves

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Product Launch Reach: 676.7K Engagement: 5.5% read now

Calvin Klein

Product Launch Reach: 738.7K Engagement: 9.29% read now


Product Launch Reach: 623K Engagement: 10.68% read now