The Kooples Case Study

Product Launch


Drive brand awareness for The Kooples and their new muse bag collaborations designed by Stella Maxwell, Zayn Malik and Irina Skayk.


We created the first-ever ‘Talent Tribes’ – using our dashboard to identify profiles which aligned with the data footprint of the muses - including their audience credentials, gender splits and audience interests. Once we had created these muse profiles our talent agency partners could upload their talent who matched, was available and had no conflicting brand contracts. To build out the tribes, we partnered with The Kooples to host a dinner, allowing talent to fully understand the personality and style of each muse to increase advocacy.

Key Statistics

  1. 29 Total Content Created
  2. 2.5M Potential Reach
  3. 105.33K Likes and Comments
  4. 1 Month
  5. 10.17% Total Engagement
  6. Global

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Calvin Klein

Product Launch Reach: 284K Engagement: 8.05% read now


Product Launch Reach: 1.1M Engagement: 9.23% read now


Product Launch Reach: 2.1M Engagement: 10.68% read now