Quay Case Study

Event Activation


Drive awareness of the new Quay Australia sunglasses by increasing their brand association to Cannes Film Festival.


Talent Village organised a bespoke brand experience during Cannes Film Festival with Quay at Sandra Co Suite and Magnum. Throughout the duration of this activation, creatives captured each moment to ensure the brand received high-quality content. This also encouraged the brand to later share this content on their own channels and motivate the talent to share organic media which exceeded the target deliverables.

Key Statistics

  1. 8 Total Content Created
  2. 1.1M Potential Reach
  3. 44.8K Likes and Comments
  4. 1 Week
  5. 11.8% Total Engagement
  6. France

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Event Activation Reach: 2.4M Engagement: 3.9% read now


Event Activation Reach: 2.5M Engagement: 6.08% read now