McCormick Case Study

Product Launch


Drive awareness of McCormick products in the UK during summer.


Talent Village activated matched talent to co-create high-quality content to position the sauces as the perfect condiments for a summer BBQ. Additionally, each talent shared stories with a swipe-up link directing audiences to the e-commerce site to drive sales.

Key Statistics

  1. 15 Total Content Created
  2. 1.3M Potential Reach
  3. 58K Likes and Comments
  4. 1 Week
  5. 17.1% Total Engagement
  6. UK

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Calvin Klein

Product Launch Reach: 284K Engagement: 8.05% read now


Product Launch Reach: 1.1M Engagement: 9.23% read now


Product Launch Reach: 2.1M Engagement: 10.68% read now