Louboutin Case Study

Drive to store


The goal for Louboutin was to position their newly launched lipstick as the luxury makeup gift for Valentines Day. Specifically, their aim was to drive awareness at their pop-up stores at Printemps and Le Bon Marché.


To showcase the opulent colour and luxurious design, we activated beautificians who have the ability to inform and inspire luxury trends in Paris. Talent arrived to discover a bespoke brand experience and whilst revealing the full range, documented how they engraved a personalised inscription to create a unique, objet d’art and provide the perfect pout for their loved ones. By showcasing how Louboutin transformed a forgotten object into a treasured jewel and highlighting their premium store service through this creative mechanic, we successfully generated over $2.5K sales within 24 hours.

Key Statistics

  1. 30 Total Content Created
  2. 5M Total Reach
  3. 7.7M Impressions
  4. 7.65% Total Engagement
  5. 18,252 Likes and Comments
  6. 6,183 Story Interactions
  7. 9,194 Sticker Taps
  8. 3,706 Link Clicks
  9. 12,175 Saves

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