Loubi World Case Study

Drive to store


Generate awareness of the launch of LoubiWorld (The Fragrance Collection) through inspirational content that resonated with the target audience. Drive online sales at Harrods.com (the exclusive retail partner) via custom swipe-up UTM links.


We activated talents in the UK, who were all luxury-driven socialites that embodied both the brands’ and Harrods’ core values. We co-created content with the talents that brought to life the storytelling behind each unique unisex fragrance in the LoubiWorld collection. We used the newly launched Instagram Reels to ensure the content was dynamic and gave life to our creative ideas that were synergized with the brands’ broader creative platform. Through the campaign, we created a custom audience of users that engaged with the content, showing intent to purchase. We were then able to re-target this audience to drive them back to purchase the fragrance on Harrods.com.

Key Statistics

  1. 12 + 63 organic Total Content Created
  2. 1.26M Potential Reach
  3. 1.4M Total Reach
  4. 1.5M Engagements
  5. 101.33% Total Engagement
  6. 101.33% Engagement Rate
  7. 23,203 Story Interactions
  8. 9,986 Link Clicks

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