Lacoste Case Study

Video Production


Drive awareness of the new Lacoste CourtSlam sneakers by activating 15 talents with high FR following and who have high credibility with urban lifestyle to reach their target market.


To showcase the new sneakers, we matched talent who have strong passion points such as dance and fashion to organically engage with consumers. Our mechanic focused on co-creating professionally captured IG stories in Paris to contextualise the new slam sneakers. Furthermore, each talent published in-feed posts in a street-style environment to boost brand advocacy and drive results.

Key Statistics

  1. 27 Total Content Created
  2. 1.5M Potential Reach
  3. 132.6K Likes and Comments
  4. 2 Weeks
  5. 10.51% Total Engagement
  6. Paris

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Sunglass Hut

Video Production Reach: 1.1M Engagement: read now


Video Production Reach: 1M Engagement: 5.74% read now


Video Production Reach: 1.6M Engagement: 10.74% read now