Lacoste Case Study

Product Launch


Drive awareness for the ‘Court Slam’ collection and showcase the product function and style as they strike the perfect balance between tennis heritage and modern design.


To show that the shoes are both fashionable and functional we emphasized this with movement and activated dancers and parkour talents to illustrate how they can do anything wearing them in their concrete jungle. We co-created a series of IGTV content that will build different styles of dance and parkour to show product versatility and how the sneakers enable them to have free mobility and diverse urban landscapes.

Key Statistics

  1. 28 Total Content Created
  2. 676.7K Potential Reach
  3. 1.5M Actual Reach
  4. 807.9K Impressions
  5. 5.5% Total Engagement
  6. 33.2K Likes and Comments
  7. 4,460 Story Interactions
  8. 1,172 Sticker Taps
  9. 755 Link Clicks

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Calvin Klein

Product Launch Reach: 738.7K Engagement: 9.29% read now


Product Launch Reach: 623K Engagement: 10.68% read now


Product Launch Reach: Engagement: 7.5% read now