La Mer Case Study

Travel Retail


Drive sales at duty-free stands and target ABCI females in transit.


We activated talent to experience a 10-minute treatment and promote the hydrating qualities for Crème de la Mer through co-created content at targeted airports. This live mechanic successfully resonated with the target audience who only have 30 minutes on average in transit and increased sales by 23%.

Key Statistics

  1. 41 Total Content Created
  2. 2.3M Potential Reach
  3. 865.9k Impressions
  4. 8.06% Total Engagement
  5. 98.1K Likes and Comments
  6. 21,347 Story Interactions
  7. 4,327 Sticker Taps
  8. 825 Link Clicks
  9. 301 Saves

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Travel Retail Reach: Engagement: 8% read now


Travel Retail Reach: 1.24M Engagement: 8.06% read now