Jean Paul Gaultier Case Study

Drive to store


Drive brand awareness for Jean Paul Gaultier and celebrate his 50th anniversary by crafting an engaging content strategy that heroed his signature fragrance campaigns.


Jean Paul Gaultier became known for his corset designs and lingerie-inspired fragrance campaigns, so we activated talent to recreate these iconic looks. Additionally, each talent attended the event and documented this bespoke brand experience on Instagram, using relevant handles and hashtags to promote the line.

Key Statistics

  1. 43 Total Content Created
  2. 5.1M Total Reach
  3. 2M Impressions
  4. 7.8% Total Engagement
  5. 98,855 Likes and Comments
  6. 117,513 Story Interactions
  7. 110,472 Sticker Taps
  8. 4,516 Link Clicks
  9. 8.96K Saves

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