H&M Case Study

Travel Retail


Promote the new H&M summer collection and target UK-based females aged between 18-40 who are fashion forward.


To capture this global audience, our mechanic focused on matching talent with UK audiences to publish co-created content in sunny locations across the globe. This strategy achieved local reach to encourage direct sales and enabled talent to highlight their hero looks across a variety of urban settings to encourage organic engagement.

Key Statistics

  1. 52 Total Content Created
  2. 3.5M Total Reach
  3. 980.7k Impressions
  4. 8.06% Total Engagement
  5. 141K Likes and Comments
  6. 17,347 Story Interactions
  7. 5,332 Sticker Taps
  8. 902 Link Clicks
  9. 15.1k Saves

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Travel Retail Reach: Engagement: 8% read now

La Mer

Travel Retail Reach: 2.3M Engagement: 8.06% read now