Havaianas Case Study

Drive to store


The purpose for this campaign was to drive brand awareness for Havaianas Men in the UK market in order to reposition their identity as the footwear ‘not just for the beach.’


We activated male talent to publish two IG in-feed posts which showed their selected product in an urban environment in order to appeal to a younger, more image-conscious audience. This creative enabled the brand to be shown not just as a holiday essential, but as a fashion-forward product for Summer. Additionally, IG stories increased sales by directing audiences to the e-commerce site and increase advocacy.

Key Statistics

  1. 13 Total Content Created
  2. 1.5M Potential Reach
  3. 65K Likes and Comments
  4. 12.1k Impressions
  5. 8.2% Total Engagement
  6. 880 Saves
  7. 4,207 Sticker Taps
  8. 629 Link Clicks
  9. 16,890 Story Interactions

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Drive to store Reach: Engagement: 5.58% read now

Jean Paul Gaultier

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Drive to store Reach: 1.2M Engagement: 3.5% read now