Gymshark Case Study

Event Activation


The goal was to make Gymshark relevant outside of the sports and fashion industry whilst preparing its first steps into loungewear by making the brand credible within fashion.


We created a live brand experience called ‘Get Fired Up.’ This global event was held in Paris, New York, London and Milan and invited talent to experience a high-intensity fitness class, taught by elite athletic professionals as it would enabled them to showcase the product in action and establish a link with the annual fashion event. During each class, the talent used swipe up links for each product, to drive direct sales for the collection whilst professionally captured by creatives.

Key Statistics

  1. 204 Total Content Created
  2. 603K Potential Reach
  3. 2.5M Total Reach
  4. 1.3M Impressions
  5. 6.5% Total Engagement
  6. 88,654 Likes and Comments
  7. 62.5K Likes
  8. 107,653 Story Interactions
  9. 98,063 Sticker Taps
  10. 8,654 Link Clicks
  11. 7.65K Saves

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Event Activation Reach: 2M Engagement: 12% read now


Event Activation Reach: 325.2K Engagement: 5.9% read now


Event Activation Reach: 536.8K Engagement: 3.9% read now