Dyson Case Study

Event Activation


Promote the Supersonic hairdryer and target the 20-28 age group who have interest in beauty and technology during Paris Fashion Week.


Talent Village positioned Dyson’s supersonic hairdryer as the everyday beauty essential by activating talent to share live, co-created content during a bespoke event ahead of the show season. Afterwards, the brand gifted the product to select talent in order to encourage advocacy. These influencers constantly continued to share stories throughout the duration of fashion week and highlighted the ease of use and benefits of the product.

Key Statistics

  1. 13 Total Content Created
  2. 1M Total Reach
  3. 624k Impressions
  4. 5.9% Total Engagement
  5. 52K Likes and Comments
  6. 52K Likes
  7. 9,534 Story Interactions
  8. 4,652 Sticker Taps
  9. 413 Link Clicks
  10. 5,287 Saves

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Event Activation Reach: Engagement: 3.9% read now


Event Activation Reach: Engagement: 6.5% read now