Ciroc Case Study

Drive to store


Drive awareness for the limited edition, Summer Colada Vodka which was only available at Selfridges in-store and online.


We activated talent to attend an exclusive rooftop event at Selfridges and directed content to show how they used the product to make a variety of different, delicious cocktails. Gastronomists illustrated how to make each recipe so the talent could inspire their following to do the same. Additionally, they included swipe up links to encourage direct sales.

Key Statistics

  1. 5 Total Content Created
  2. 82.5K Potential Reach
  3. 1M Total Reach
  4. 50,000 Impressions
  5. 6% Total Engagement
  6. 16,000 Likes and Comments
  7. 10.8K Likes
  8. 7,000 Story Interactions
  9. 2,362 Sticker Taps
  10. 450 Link Clicks
  11. 4.5K Saves

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Paco Rabanne – 1 Million

Drive to store Reach: 4,163,592 Engagement: 338,827 read now

Loubi World

Drive to store Reach: 1.26M Engagement: 101.33% read now


Drive to store Reach: Engagement: 7.65% read now