Chaumet Case Study

Product Launch


Promote the, ‘Bee My Love‘ collection and their exceptional purity and sparkle, whilst positioning the bracelet as the luxury, accessory.


We activated talent with high credibility with jewellery to publish co-created content that showcased the quality of each product from the collection. To drive direct sales, each talent included a swipe up link towards the bracelet.

Key Statistics

  1. 5 Total Content Created
  2. 1M Total Reach
  3. 486K Impressions
  4. 7.58% Total Engagement
  5. 75,213 Likes and Comments
  6. 47.8K Likes
  7. 2,321 Story Interactions
  8. 3,567 Sticker Taps
  9. 359 Link Clicks
  10. 6,750 Saves

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Calvin Klein

Product Launch Reach: Engagement: 9.29% read now


Product Launch Reach: Engagement: 10.68% read now


Product Launch Reach: Engagement: 7.5% read now