Chanel Case Study

Event Activation


Amplify the Chanel private event ‘The Coco Game Club’ during Paris Fashion Week.


Our dual targeting technology ensured we successfully matched talent who aligned with the luxury, chic identity of Chanel and who had an established interest in fashion and beauty. Each talent shared their bespoke brand experience live on Instagram stories, illustrating the musical performances, makeup stands and arcade style game machines.

Key Statistics

  1. 10 Total Content Created
  2. 536.8K Potential Reach
  3. 1.5M Total Reach
  4. 72,500 Impressions
  5. 3.9% Total Engagement
  6. 18,738 Likes and Comments
  7. 76.9K Likes
  8. 9,560 Story Interactions
  9. 2,710 Sticker Taps
  10. 678 Link Clicks
  11. 8.7K Saves

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Adobe Max

Event Activation Reach: 2M Engagement: 12% read now


Event Activation Reach: 325.2K Engagement: 5.9% read now


Event Activation Reach: 603K Engagement: 6.5% read now