Calvin Klein Case Study

Product Launch


Promote the ‘Calvin Klein Lock Bag’ by highlighting its style and function and establish the bag as the fashion accessory both on and off the runway.


We directed a series of Instagram content that illustrated how models used the bag during fashion week and in different sceneries, such as events and on the way to castings. The talent naturally showcased how the bag became their essential to survive the season and how it was useful for both day and night.

Key Statistics

  1. 4 Total Content Created
  2. 738.7K Potential Reach
  3. 1M Total Reach
  4. 500K Impressions
  5. 9.29% Total Engagement
  6. 53,700 Likes and Comments
  7. 5,391 Story Interactions
  8. 8,472 Sticker Taps
  9. 238 Link Clicks
  10. 3.75K Saves

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Product Launch Reach: 676.7K Engagement: 5.5% read now


Product Launch Reach: 623K Engagement: 10.68% read now


Product Launch Reach: Engagement: 7.5% read now