Adobe Max Case Study

Event Activation


Drive awareness of the Abode Max Creator Festival, aiming to empower & inspire Adobe software users to get creative with their craft. Talent Village was asked to help cast a programme of talented individuals who benefit from a set of skills in the creative spaces. The objective was to identify talent with a relatable story to tell and who authentically use Adobe as part of their creative process.


For this activation, we cast Lia Kim, a Korean choreographer and owner of her own dance studio. As a creator, Lia has been exploring artistic choreography and dance movements as part of visual experiences which are extremely notorious within the community. Her story was captured in an authentic way giving the viewer an inside view into her work and creative process, and was followed up by a Q&A on Instagram Live - thus ensuring maximum audience engagement. Please see full video here: https://youtu.be/ntDAfHjE-9o

Key Statistics

  1. 1 Total Content Created
  2. 2M Potential Reach
  3. 2M Actual Reach
  4. 2M Total Reach
  5. 12% Engagements
  6. 12% Engagement (followers)
  7. 12% Engagement (impressions)
  8. 12% Total Engagement
  9. 12% Actual Engagement
  10. 12% Engagement Rate

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Event Activation Reach: 325.2K Engagement: 5.9% read now


Event Activation Reach: 536.8K Engagement: 3.9% read now


Event Activation Reach: 603K Engagement: 6.5% read now