Paco Rabanne – 1 Million Case Study

Drive to store


Drive awareness of Paco Rabanne’s new 1 million fragrance amongst key journalists and influencers / talents. Talent Village created a live launch event that was broadcast on Vimeo to an exclusive invite-only audience of 40 key journalists & influencers in the UK. A digital invite was sent out and those who confirmed their attendance received a spectacular 1 Million Parfum themed gift box. To build on the poker theme in the TVC, the gift box was in the shape of a giant gold dice and contained: Welcome note Solar panel screen that played the TVC when the box was opened Branded poker mat Gold playing cards Branded poker chips Gold cocktail making kit Ingredients to make a cocktail during the event


The live event was hosted by comedian, Munya Chawawa, who took audiences on an interactive journey to learn more about the brand and product. The guests took part in the #MillionKing game, where they had to identify heavily remixed hip hop tracks played by DJ Emerald Lewis. They also enjoyed a dance performance from duo Tega Alexander & Kieran Lai and a cocktail-making class to create a cocktail inspired by the fragrance. To finish the event, upcoming musician Junior Choi performed a two-song set. All male talents were also featured in the TikTok / Instagram campaigns.

Key Statistics

  1. 4,163,592 Potential Reach
  2. 1,186,952 Actual Reach
  3. 1,432,729 Impressions
  4. 338,827 Total Engagement
  5. 55.58% Engagement Rate

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