As 100%* of Industry experts agree, the importance of collaborating with influencers whose following is relevant to their brand remains pivotal to the success of Influencer Marketing.

However, given the explosion within the influencer marketing space (budgets on Instagram alone are predicted to double to $2 Billion by 2019) this has not only become a very onerous task, but over 54% of marketers cite it as the most difficult challenge they experience when starting their campaign.

So, whatever your objectives, here are a few simple ways of segmenting the influencer space to help with the daunting process of elimination.

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There are several tiers traditionally referenced within the influencer space, here are two of the more disparate.

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Mega – influencers have achieved celebrity status on social media and are defined by their audience of over 1,000,000 or more.

This huge number of followers has massive appeal within the influencer marketing space, but consequently also cost high-end budgets and are hard to reach without a talent manager.

However, one key benefit of creating sponsored content with mega-influencers is that they offer the largest impact. Brands will also often spend less time and management resources working with one mega-influencer, because they are able to reach a wider audience, compared to multiple influencers.

Equally, there are a number of drawbacks with mega-influencers, since the wrong celebrity endorsement can be incredibly damaging for any brand, and arguably isn’t even within the influencer marketing space.

Furthermore, because of the volume of promotional activity they produce, their audience rarely associates their profiles with authentic content and can therefore negatively affect your campaign engagement and your brand identity.

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A person doesn’t need to have a million followers to be influential, so if you’re looking for a specific type of influencer who has a specific type of following, nano-influencers could be your answer.

Whilst there are a variety of influencer tiers, nano-influencers are typically identified by their profiles which obtain 1,000 – 10,000 followers.

This tier category holds huge benefits for brands and is arguably one of the most important segments for marketers. This is because their engaged audience is fundamentally invested in their journey because of their shared interests and maintain a strong ability to cultivate such niche communities around specific topics.

Nano – influencers are also commonly considered to have higher engagement rates and are often more affordable. However, in order to reach your campaign targets, it may involve a huge quantity of nano-influencers and consequently increases the effort of management and time consumption at scale.

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There is an even more extensive list of sectors within this segment, so we’ve selected just a few of them.


From lifestyle to food, fitness and fashion, the digital world holds an array of influencers who have specialised in a particular field.

However, they tend to be on a mixture of social platforms and not specialise on one platform specifically, which can provide a mixed message for their followers. Given the nature of the content they produce, they tend to exist on platforms such a Youtube and Twitter and are currently not considered experts on Instagram. Therefore it’s imperative that when working with bloggers, you ensure their presence is active on the platform which resonates with your brand.

Because of their specialism, it’s also difficult for brands operating outside of this space to find the right level of authenticity. In addition, their profiles are also inundated by competitive brands who all wish to target the same audience, so once you’ve found a blogger which shares the same ethos, be sure to establish a long-term partnership with them.

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The influencers who operate within the creative industry demonstrate an inescapable passion which is clear for all to see.

This creative energy can be utopia for the right brand because it will successfully resonate with the right audience if done properly.

However, it is unlikely brands have much control over the content an artist produces, so it remains vital for your initial brief to be clear and concise in order to receive the best results.

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A pleasure to unveil my mural for @COACH for the #CoachSignature @Wkorea exhibition. • ‘One of them many faces (together)’ 2018 “Sang Woo Kim's signature faces designed and intwined within the Coach monogram celebrates unification and togetherness. Kim explores identity in his artworks – with the use of the Coach signature 'chain' he is visualising that people, race and individuality should be celebrated together and not against each other. The colourful unique individual faces riveted with colour and energy are stronger together, rather than individually.” • Cheers @coach @wkorea @speeker_official and all those faces that made this happen. Exhibition today at ‘6081’ space. Floor 3 is yours truly with a series of Tragicomedy paintings and a fuck load of beautiful flowers. Don’t miss.

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Fashion models are arguably one of the most authentic influencers, active on Instagram.

They are born with a mobile-first mindset of consumer behaviour and are more approachable than others thanks to their consistent stream of organic content.

The sheer volume and diversity of profiles also enable brands to choose from an abundance of models. However, with this in mind, a brand must carefully select the right type of model who they want to work with and understand their social profiles and portfolio.

Surrounded by daily inspiration, models are expert content creators and are indeed leading the generation of digital influence.

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